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Why buy New Build Homes in Northern Ireland?

By 25 July 2022Blog
An unfurnished white house in new build Homes in Northern Ireland

With the housing market heating up across the UK and Ireland, it can make decisions feel even more pressurised. Findings from Ulster University have highlighted well priced family homes are in high demand, making this type of new build homes in Northern Ireland extremely popular choice for prospective buyers. So why are people eschewing existing houses for New Build homes in Northern Ireland?

Benefits of New Build Homes in Northern Ireland

New build homes in Northern Ireland are among the highest in demand among prospective buyers – read on to find out why…

Less hassle – and cost – for new build Homes in Northern Ireland

While New build homes in Northern Ireland may have a slightly higher price tag than existing homes, according to, the average renovation cost for 3 bed house is £76,900 and can be a lengthy and drawn out process.

In contrast, move in day is a breeze with a new build home in Northern Ireland, with no renovation work needed. Simply move your furniture in and relax! Plus, the brand-new appliances included gives you peace of mind and allow you to truly start living in your new build home.

Buy before it’s built

With new build homes, you can have your pick of houses even before foundations are laid. Not only do you get the luxury of cherry picking your favourite plot on a fresh new housing development in Northern Ireland, it also allows you to benefit from equity growth. With Northern Ireland highest in the UK for annual house inflation at 15.62% in just one year, this could mean some serious bang for your buck!

Warranties for new build Homes in Northern Ireland

New build homes in Northern Ireland come with a warranty, meaning you can be assured of the structure of your house the length of the policy. In contrast, buyers of existing homes do not benefit from this and will be financially liable for any structural issues that may arise.

At Z property Development, all of our houses come with a 10-year warranty from Global Homes Ltd. allowing all of our homebuyers complete peace of mind.

Just as you like it

For some new build developers, you may be able to adjust certain aspects of the house to suit your needs.  

Z Property Development’s leadership use their professional connections from over 50 years in housing and construction to provide the highest quality materials and labour to fulfil homebuyer’s personal specifications at the fairest price.

Alongside our in-house designer, Gareth Nixon of Batik Moderna, Z Property Development allows our homebuyers to choose key design aspects of their homes. Our marketing suite is located close to our Stoney Manor development in Paul O’Keefe Estate Agents for homebuyers to see and discuss the wealth of options available to them in person.  

Cheaper running costs for new build Homes in Northern Ireland

Data from Energy Performance Certificates shows over 80% of new homes have the highest A or B ratings. That compares to just 2.2% of existing properties. This is because unlike existing homes, new build homes in Northern Ireland are required to be built to energy efficient standards by law, specially with regards to:

  •  Water-saving systems
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Efficient boilers
  • Insulation

…meaning your home will be streamlined for you from every angle. New build homes are also fitted with energy efficient appliances, which are not only better for our planet but for your energy bills too.

Which brings us on to…

Cheaper mortgages for new build Homes in Northern Ireland

With better EPC ratings, it opens up the option of green mortgages which can offer cheaper rates.

Following the Heat and Buildings Strategy published in autumn 2021, the government as set out improvement targets for mortgage providers to reach an average of 30% Energy Performance Certificate band C across their portfolios by 2030.

To get your energy efficient new build home on their books, lenders may offer competitive incentives such as lower interest rates or cashback and larger loans. As an owner of a new build home in Northern Ireland, this can make a great impact on your household budget for the foreseeable future.  

Break those chains

If you’re a first time buyer of a new build house, you’re not part of an onward chain. This means your sale won’t fall through due to changes that are out of your control further along the property chain .  

It also means as soon as your home is ready, you can move in straight away or at a time that suits you

Location, location, location!

With a highly competitive market new build homes in Northern Ireland, developers have to compete on a range of factors including location.

At Z Property Development, we closely examine our locations holistically to find ideal locations for our home buyers, including amenities, travel links, schools, parks and much more. For example, all of our houses at Stoney Manor site benefit from a five-minute commute to L’Derry city centre along the picturesque River Foyle.

Good for those around you

New build developers are beholden to a long list of regulations to ensure the development of new build homes in Northern Ireland is fair to the existing surroundings, including the environment and future neighbours.

New build housing developments often are situated on previously unused sites – in fact, our Stoney Manor site transformed a disused factory site into a vibrant development of beautiful new build homes. At Z Property Development, our team extensively search for promising sites for development and partner with existing communities by hiring and sourcing locally and giving back to community causes.

This is also a big bonus for those who fancy a new build home but are unsure whether to build themselves or not. New build developers will sort all of the paper work themselves, mitigating a range of issues that may not occur to a prospective homebuilder, such as ensuring the development won’t flood or negatively impact existing surrounding developments.

Unique to you

A huge attraction to buying a new build home is that you will be the first people to ever live in the house, giving that amazing feeling of something completely new to you.

It also is a great choice for security and practicality, meaning you don’t have to change locks or correct other people’s decorating faux pas.

Safety built into new build Homes in Northern Ireland

High building standards and regulations means when it comes to safety, new build homes in Northern Ireland are top notch, giving you peace of mind to set up home.

At Z Property development, all of our new build homes are finished to the highest safety standards possible including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and heat detectors amongst many other safety measures.

Houses designed for modern life

As opposed to older homes which are built to suit the needs of buyers decades ago and their outdated lifestyles, new build homes in Northern Ireland are built to the needs and wants of today’s homebuyer for years to come.

As well as the obvious factors in Z Property Development new build homes such as handy utility rooms, open plan living spaces and multi-use rooms, the details in a new build home make all the difference, right down to multiple plug sockets in each room.

Vibrant new community

Developments of new build homes in Northern Ireland often attract enthusiastic young couples and families ready to make a start, making them an excellent community to become part of.

At Z Property Development, it is part of each our developments’ DNA to feature green spaces designed to foster a sense of community with ample space for each family and greenery lining the development for a harmonious sense of place.

Why not explore our latest phase of new build homes in Northern Ireland?