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7 Reasons to Make Stoney Manor Your New Home

By 31 July 2023Blog

Welcome to Stoney Manor! Just five minutes’ scenic drive along the River Foyle from Derry-Londonderry City Centre, Stoney Manor is the latest addition to the thriving community of Newbuildings.

Stoney Manor’s first release of homes sold out in record time, and it’s no small wonder; stunning design, ample space and unbeaten value, all designed with community in mind. 50 additional homes are coming to the market (with energy efficient air source heat pumps included as standard) and demand is understandably high.

But as they say, it’s all comes down to Location, Location, Location.

So let’s explore Stoney Manor!

Why You Should Make Stoney Manor Your Next Home

If you’re looking for a new build home in Derry / Londonderry, look no further. Just five minutes form the Maiden City, Stoney Manor is perfectly placed to take in all the city has to offer – stunning natural beauty, rich history, cultural diversity, and a welcoming atmosphere. So let’s explore the top 7 reasons Stoney Manor is the perfect place to set down roots, explore and thrive.

1. Breathtaking Landscapes

Soak in the stunning landscapes surrounding Stoney Manor. Rolling countryside and views to the historic City Centre can be enjoyed without leaving your home. The iconic Giant’s Causeway and the tranquil beauty of the Sperrin Mountains are a short drive away, offering endless opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and photography.

2. Vibrant Cultural Scene

Stoney Manor is based in Newbuildings village, which is bustling with a vast range of community groups, sports and activities to get stuck into.  

Just five minutes’ drive away, Derry / Londonderry’s vibrant cultural scene will keep you entertained year-round. The city is famous for its music festivals, attracting talented players from all over the world. The city also hosts a variety of arts and theatre events, showcasing local talent and international performers.

3. Rich History

Derry / Londonderry’s rich and storied history dates back centuries. The city’s iconic walls, built in the 17th century, are a testament to its past and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring the walls and delving into the city rich and varied history provides a deeper understanding of the city’s resilience and the progress it has made.

4. Diverse Community

The Derry / Londonderry area is known for its welcoming and diverse community. People from all walks of life come together here, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Its cultural mix is reflected in its diverse culinary scene, with a wide range of international cuisines to choose from. In fact, Derry / Londonderry has also shortlisted for Foodie Destinations Ireland for two years running – the perfect excuse for an epic city-wide grub crawl!

5. Educational Opportunities

Did you know Derry City and Strabane Learning City are proud members of UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities? This means Stoney Manor residents benefit from a culture of learning throughout all stages of life; be it in schools, workplaces or public spaces.  Top-notch primary and secondary schools to renowned universities and colleges are at the fingertips of Stoney Manor residents. Of particular note is the Magee campus of Ulster University, which is ranked within the top 10 entrepreneurial universities globally and the top 25% of UK Universities for world leading research.

6. Strong Economy

A move to Stoney Manor is the springboard for your career, with Derry / Londonderry’s strong and diverse economy providing ample opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. Recent £250m funding is predicted to create an additional 7,000 jobs in the city by 2032. Already the city has seen significant growth in industries such as technology, healthcare, and creative arts – making Stoney Manor a strong steppingstone for those wanting to boost their careers.

7. Sense of Belonging

Above all, Stoney Manor offers a sense of belonging that is hard to find elsewhere. The community spirit in the development, Newbuildings village and Derry / Londonderry city is strong, and locals genuinely care about each other. Whether it’s a neighbour lending a helping hand, warm greetings from familiar faces or getting involved in the varied community groups, living in Stoney Manor means being part of a tight-knit community that embraces newcomers with open arms.

Make Your Move to Stoney Manor

There you have it – the top 7 reasons why living in Stoney Manor is a fantastic choice. From breathtaking landscapes to a vibrant cultural scene, rich history, diverse community, educational opportunities, strong economy, and a sense of belonging, Stoney Manor has it all.

So why wait? Register your interest for your move to Stoney Manor now.