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Cushendall Inn


30 Months

Hotel in the Heart of the Glens of Antrim

Regenerating a cultural landmark

Cushendall has been served by this hotel for over a century, with renown spanning the Glens of Antrim social scene and beyond. Known under several names; The Thornlea, The Glens and now – The Cushendall Inn.

With such significant presence, Z are undertaking this project with a view to long term investment in the area, both owning and operating the hotel. Extensive community consultation has and will continue to inform every stage of the project.

The Cushendall Inn

After several years of dereliction, the hotel will be extended beyond its existing footprint to boast 39 bedrooms, 200-person function room, spa facilities, bar and standalone brasserie restaurant. Its rich history and surrounding culture will form a focal point for the hotel.

The Cushendall Inn is positioned in a prime location along the Causeway Coast, currently underserved with nearest comparable hotels over 15 and 20 miles away respectively. Delivering a market leading, culturally rich space for locals, staycationers and foreign tourists alike.

Project Team

Archion Design

Caldwell Consultants

Thompson Barr Consulting

Fire Consultant
Nigel Lynch Associates